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Big Ten Commish Gets $20 Million Bonus

Am I crazy or is that a lot of money?
Sean Newell
college sports

College Football's New Early Signing Day Is Already Broken

Here's how to fix it.
Mike Piellucci
college sports

Arkansas Running Back Retires After Second Neck Injury

Only one running back in the SEC had more rushing yards than Rawleigh Williams III last year.
Mike Piellucci
Sneaker Head

Lonzo Ball Drops $495 Shoe, Which Is Apparently The Point

Beneath the bullshit, there seems to be an actual strategy here.
Mike Piellucci

How President Trump Could Free the NCAA to Pour More Money into Politics

If Trump fulfills his pledge to eliminate a federal law prohibiting charitable organizations from participating in political campaigns, the nonprofit NCAA will be free to shower sympathetic candidates with cash.
Steve Silver
pay the players

Hold My Beer: Louisiana Lawmaker Makes Unexpected Case for Paying College Athletes

If Louisiana universities want to have "official beers" to avoid exploitation, perhaps they should stop exploiting student athletes, writes one lawmaker.
Mike Piellucci
big red sons

Can You Spare A Dollar To Get Western Kentucky's Mascot A New Suit?

It's not easy being Big Red, what with all the wear and tear of life as a mascot. So Western Kentucky is crowdfunding a new suit for college sports' big red son.
David Roth
march madness

Did Northwestern Basketball Run Off Johnnie Vassar?

Former Northwestern basketball player Johnnie Vassar is suing the university and the NCAA over what he characterizes as a "run-off"—an attempt to pressure and intimidate Vassar into separating from his four-year athletic scholarship.
Kevin Trahan
march madness

I Was A College Athlete, And NCAA Amateurism Doesn't Help Us

March Madness is suffused with "love of the game" propaganda justifying restrictions on paying athletes. A former Division I basketball player explains why those roles are burdensome and irrelevant.
Luke Bonner
bad ideas

Arkansas Law Will Allow Guns on College Campuses, Including Stadiums and Arenas

Arkansas tackled the classic conundrum of how to make it easier to maim and kill one another at sporting events.
Sean Newell

Prisoners of the Moment: How the NCAA Tournament Affects NBA Draft Stock

While NBA decision makers don't like to admit it, March Madness performances can affect how the draft plays out.
Sam Vecenie

Nigel Hayes Is Playing in March Madness, and Taking On NCAA Amateurism in Federal Court

Wisconsin forward Nigel Hayes has become an outspoken advocate for paying campus athletes, and has joined a lawsuit against the NCAA that seeks to end college sports amateurism. Why is he taking a stand?
Patrick Hruby