Cleveland Browns


The Browns Once Accidentally Projected Porn on Office Wall for 20 Minutes

Let's just say that the hashtag they used for "Dawg Pound" came up with a few unprofessional posts.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Most Amazing Moments from the Cleveland Browns' First Win Since 2016

A possum and a shirtless J.R. Smith in the stands. Baker Mayfield's NFL debut. Free Bud Light for the city of Cleveland after beating the Jets. It was a spectacular night.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Without Winning, the Browns Are Off to their Best Start in 14 Years

The Cleveland Browns tied the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday and it's the best start for the team since 2004.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Cleveland Browns Fans to Get Free Beer (If Team Ever Wins Again)

Ten Cleveland bars will have "victory fridges" full of free beer, unlocked by wifi when the Browns win their first regular season game. But then again, maybe this won't ever happen.
Liam Daniel Pierce

'Hard Knocks' Star Jarvis Landry Has 23 Fucks to Give

Not to mention nine "shits" for good measure. HBO's behind-the-scenes look at the Cleveland Browns seems to be pretty lit so far.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Cleveland Radio Host Said He'd "Eat Horse Poop" if Browns Picked Baker Mayfield

Cleveland-based ESPN talk show host Aaron Goldhammer bet on air that the Browns would not pick the Oklahoma quarterback. (P)oops.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Football Himself

Johnny Manziel Blames Browns for Not Knowing He Was Bad at His Job

"If Cleveland did any of their homework, they would have known I wasn't a guy who came in every day and watch film." Good, good. Yes, yes.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Browns' New RB Carlos Hyde Might Regret 'Cleveland Sports Are Horrible' Tweet

An old tweet from the former San Francisco 49ers running back resurfaced and it probably won't endear him to Cleveland Browns fans.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Exact Moment it All Went Wrong for NFL Teams That Didn't Make Playoffs

In 1998, the city of Cleveland was awarded an expansion franchise, which was named the Browns.
Dave Lozo
Fire Hazards

The Cleveland Browns' Stadium May Be a Shiny Aluminum Fire Hazard

Combustible aluminum exterior panels used in the construction of London's Grenfell Tower apartment building also may be part of FirstEnergy Stadium.
Patrick Hruby
Cleveland Browns

Mystery Team Also Named The Browns Emerges as Frontrunner for Myles Garrett

How can there be two teams named the Cleveland Browns??
Sean Newell

Beast Mode, Jets Misery, and the Sad Browns: The NFL Underground Mailbag

Chris Harris is keeping the football conversation going during the off-season. This week, he tackles just how bad things look for the New York Jets, Marshawn Lynch's interest in the Raiders, and more.
Christopher Harris