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The NBA Shouts Out Derrick Rose for His Career-High 50-Point Game

The Minnesota Timberwolves veteran had the best scoring night of his up-and-down career, and this wasn't lost on the NBA.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Dennis Rodman Weeps at the "Amazing" Trump and Kim Jong-un Summit

The former Chicago Bull, while wearing a MAGA hat, cried on TV about this "great day."
Liam Daniel Pierce
dunk of the week

NBA Dunk of the Week: Just Start the Playoffs Already, This is Brutal

Your dunk of the week is a two handed dunk in a particularly meaningless game in a fairly meaningless season playing a sport that, in a lot of philosophical interpretations, could very easily be found meaningless itself. Enjoy.
Corbin Smith

Dunk of the Week: At What Point Does Enjoying a Dunk Become Immoral?

Robin Lopez (Robin Lopez!) almost ended Jordan Bell's life off the dribble. It was an incredible, shocking dunk, and very nearly the stuff of nightmares.
Corbin Smith
the outlet pass

The Outlet Pass: Teodosic, The Bulls, IT Impressions, and Toronto's Defense

A weekly roundup of observations, questions, and predictions from Michael Pina's NBA notebook.
Michael Pina
shit talk

LeBron Goes toe-to-toe with "Bum" Heckler in Chicago

It sure looks like he says "“I hope that ain’t your girl next to you because she’s filming me. Bum.”
Liam Daniel Pierce
lebron james

LeBron Broke Out Some Classic Jordan Moves in Chicago Last Night

LeBron James pulled off the one-handed pump fake, as well as a vintage MJ turnaround fadeaway as the Cavs beat the Bulls Monday.
Sean Newell
2017 nba season preview

The Chicago Bulls Might Actually Be Fine?

Just about every recent decision made by their front office has insulted the fanbase, but there are still a few reasons to be optimistic about Fred Hoiberg and the Bulls.
Michael Pina

Zach LaVine Can Either Be the Next James Harden, Or Just Some other Guy

As he joins the Bulls as a primary option, LaVine is at a career crossroads.
Michael Pina
summer league

Kris Dunn is Searching for a Fresh Start With the Chicago Bulls

The second-year guard had a disappointing Summer League debut for his new team, but not all is lost for the former Timberwolf.
Michael Pina

The Chicago Bulls Don't Know What They're Doing

The Bulls seem content on continuing on a path of mediocrity while wasting Jimmy Butler's prime in the process.
Michael Pina
good boy

Robin Lopez Enlists Emotional Support of WonderPup Muppet for End of Season Interview

All interviews should be conducted with dogs.
Liam Daniel Pierce