Nicolas Mahut Makes an Incredible Shot From the Stands, Loses Point Anyway

There is a lesson to be learned here about how nothing good can come without a cut of bad, but this was just fun as fuck to watch.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Potentially US-Barred Mo Farah Admonishes Trump's Travel Ban as One of "Ignorance and Prejudice"

"My story is an example of what can happen when you follow polices of compassion and understanding, not hate and isolation."
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Battle Of Britain: Remembering Lennox Lewis’ Epic Clash With Frank Bruno

In October 1993, Lennox Lewis fought Frank Bruno in a clash of British boxing titans at Cardiff Arms Park. It was a fight swirling with undercurrents of race and identity, and remains a classic to this day.
Will Magee
diaspora football clubs

Progressive Football, Shared Heritage: Exploring The Identity of FC Romania

In the latest from our series on diaspora football clubs, we spoke to FC Romania founder Ion Vintilă about the club’s ideals and representing a nation from a ground in Cheshunt.
Will Magee
the legacy of the rio olympics

Understanding Team GB's Olympic Success Alongside The Disaster In Brazil

While British coverage of the Olympics was overwhelmingly positive, we often ignored the darker side of the Games. When we look back on Rio's legacy, it will be with both pride and discomfort.
Alex Keble

Welsh Beach Touch Rugby Match Turns Into a Brawl

This has been the summer of Wales. Why not celebrate it with a brawl during a beach touch rugby match?
Joseph Flynn

Here Are the European Premier League Players Who Might Not Get Work Permits After Brexit

Brexit will be felt across the country, but the consequences of Brexit are likely to be most visible in the sports world, particularly in the Premier League.
Brian Blickenstaff

Welsh Ubermensch Gareth Bale Sends in an Exquisite Dipping Free Kick

Suck it, England.
Liam Daniel Pierce
English Premier League

The VICE Alternative Premier League Preview

Our British colleague Clive Martin gives you the rundown on managers with Jesus complexes and players who deserve your hate.
Clive Martin
sticky wickets

An Englishman Explains Cricket to a Clueless American

First of all, why are the games so long?
Oscar Rickett and Harry Cheadle
Leeds United

How It Feels to Root for Britain's Most Dysfunctional Soccer Team

Leeds United is normally a train wreck, but this coming season could turn out to be the most fucked up in living memory.
Ben Machell