World Cup

Belgian TV Show Welcomes Hologram Eden Hazard to Studio

Belgium's captain made an appearance from 2,000 miles away after their defeat of Brazil last Friday. It was kinda creepy.
Liam Daniel Pierce
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Video Review Has Made the World Cup Better

Video review has avoided doing what many feared it would do: create more problems than it solved. So far, the addition of VAR (video assistant referees) has been a good thing.
Daniel Squizzato
serie a

Soccer Fan Found Dead After Post-Match Riots in Brazil

David Rocha Lopes was allegedly shot after violence spilled onto the streets outside of a match between Flamengo and Vasco da Gama.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Le Tournoi de France

Remembering Roberto Carlos' Immortal Goal at Le Tournoi

It has been 20 years since Le Tournoi gave soccer one of the greatest goals of all time. Roberto Carlos' strike lit up the competition, but it was England who triumphed in this oft-forgotten international contest.
Jim Weeks

Uru-Can, the Obscure Form of Martial Arts Created by the Brazilian Army

Created by the Paratroopers Armed Forces in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Uru-Can blends Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu. There are approximately 500 people in the country who practice it.
Cláudio Goldberg Rabin
Rio 2016

Even Rio's Olympic Medals Have Fallen Apart

Are you surprised?
Liam Daniel Pierce
Copa Sudamericana

Brazilian Team Executes the Ultra-Rare Triple Bicycle Kick Golazo

This is the new standard, and we won't accept your chump single-bicycle kick goals from here on out.
Liam Daniel Pierce
rio de janeiro

Rio 2016's "Legacy" Gets Even Worse: Does Anyone Need Used Cables?

Heavily used for three weeks, neglected by owners, otherwise fine.
Aaron Gordon
carmelo anthony

Carmelo Anthony on the Rise of Athlete Activism

This summer, we crossed the nation with the Olympic captain to explore his role of representing Team USA during a crossroads in this nation's history.
VICE Sports
Bruno Fernandes de Souza

Brazilian Goalkeeper Who Had His Girlfriend Killed and Fed to Dogs: "Mistakes Happen"

There are mistakes, and then there is what Bruno Fernandes de Souza did to his then girlfriend.
Sean Newell
pitch invader

Wonderpup Invades Pitch During Copa Libertadores, Receives Good Pats

Take note, BBC commentator father: this is how you pay respect to the noble pitch invader.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Report: Brazilian Superstar Marta to Join NWSL's Orlando Pride

One of the greatest women's soccer players of all time could join the National Women's Soccer League.
Mike Vorkunov