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The NFL's Impossible Mission: Making Us Feel Less Guilty About Watching

What we really want is for it to be palatable to watch 300-pound men give each other brain damage each week.
John Hugar

Girls' High School Football Title IX Suit Misses The Point

A group of Utah female youth players want their local school districts to offer the sport. But maybe nobody should be playing it.
Patrick Hruby

Between Life and Death: Remembering Boxer Michael Watson's Fightback From the Abyss

It is 25 years since Michael Watson fought Chris Eubank at White Hart Lane. The injuries Watson suffered that night changed him forever, but, a quarter of a century on, the extent of his recovery continues to defy expectations.
Jim Weeks

New Pop Warner Lawsuit Raises Hard Questions About the Future of Youth Tackle Football

A potential class action lawsuit filed against Pop Warner, USA Football, and NOCSAE over brain damage and CTE could help redefine how society views tackle football for children.
Patrick Hruby
nfl concussion settlement

If The NFL Thinks Football Is Linked To CTE, Then Its Concussion Settlement Should Pay For The Disease

NFL Health and Safety director Jeff Miller stunned onlookers by telling Congress that football and CTE are linked. So why doesn't the league's proposed concussion lawsuit settlement do more to cover the disease?
Patrick Hruby
Super Bowl 50

Ken Stabler, CTE, and Football's Irreconcilable Violence

The posthumous CTE diagnosis of legendary NFL quarterback Ken Stabler raises hard questions about the physical punishment inherent to football.
Peter Richmond
vice sports q&a

VICE Sports Q&A: "Concussion" Doctor Bennet Omalu

Neuropathologist Bennet Omalu's discovery of the brain disease CTE in former NFL star Mike Webster—and the league's efforts discredit him—are the real-life inspiration for the Hollywood drama "Concussion."
Patrick Hruby

How Football Pulled The Trigger: Zack Langston's Family Reflects On His Tragically Short Life

Former Division II football player Zack Langston died at age 26 with CTE, the same brain disease found in Junior Seau and the subject of the film "Concussion."
Patrick Hruby

Frank Gifford Had CTE

He died of natural causes in August at the age of 84.
Aaron Gordon

Beyond Targeting: How to Make Football Safer

Brain damage is a major problem in football. There are ways to make the sport safer without compromising its essence.
Kevin Trahan

What We Know About the NFL's Bogeyman, CTE

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy has been a known condition since the 1920s, but it remains one of medical science's great mysteries.
Jesse Fredeen

What's Next for the NFL Concussion Settlement?

The federal judge presiding over the case has sent the settlement back for changes. Here's what you need to know about what comes next.
Patrick Hruby