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athlete activism

Harry Edwards Is Building an Institute for the Modern Athlete-Activist

For many athletes contemplating taking a stand or embracing activist movements, Harry Edwards is the first person to call. But Edwards knows he won't be around forever, so he's building something that could be.
Saqib Rahim
Philadelphia 76ers

Anthem Censorship, Embiid's Debut, and the Finger: The 76ers Home Opener

The 76ers wouldn't let a woman sing the national anthem because of her shirt, a fan flipped off Westbrook, and Embiid delighted the crowd. Philly had a pretty weird night last night.
Sean Newell

Some Bills Fans Set Up a Kaepernick "Muslim" Tackling Dummy, While Others Marched in Solidarity With Him

So, between the one march in solidarity, and the multiple, multiple offensive and threatening things said about Kaepernick, we can just say it's a wash, right?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Colin Kaepernick Showed Up to His First Start of the Season Wearing a Muhammad Ali Shirt

Kaepernick's smart to wear this Muhammad Ali shirt. He too knows that history will absolve him.
Liam Daniel Pierce
steve clevenger

Mariners Catcher Steve Clevenger Wants to throw Black Lives Matter Protesters in Jail "Like Animals" [UPDATE]

The Mariners are looking into it and will have no further comment.
Sean Newell
weak in review

Colin Kaepernick's Protest, And What Values Are Worth: David Roth's Weak In Review

Colin Kaepernick, in his protest, offers a challenge to a self-satisfied NFL: action instead of gesture, and a conversation instead of the usual noise.
David Roth

Carmelo Anthony Talks About Activism, Monday's Town Hall on Police Violence

Carmelo Anthony spent Monday afternoon in South Central Los Angeles speaking with city and police officials as part of a town hall about police violence.
Mike Piellucci

Michael Jordan Speaks Out About Recent Police Shootings

Jordan may be late to the party, but it's certainly an important first step.
Liam Daniel Pierce
oh fucking canada

MLB All-Star Game's Lone Wolf Tenor: "Black Lives Do Matter." Gee, Thanks.

The Canadian Tenor who hijacked O Canada during the All-Star Game has clarified his position.
Sean Newell
Stay Melo

Carmelo Reflects on Marching Against Police Brutality in Baltimore: Stay Melo

With anger boiling over about the injustices suffered by underprivileged communities, Carmelo Anthony went home to Baltimore to spend some time in the streets and show some much-needed love to the people that made him who he is today.
VICE Sports
oh fucking canada

Canadian Tenors Add "All Lives Matter" to Lyrics of "O Canada" at All-Star Game

A Canadian Tenor went rogue and added "All Lives Matter" to the lyrics of the Canadian national anthem.
Sean Newell
Minnesota Lynx

Minneapolis Cops Walk Out of Lynx Game Because Players Wore 'Black Lives Matter' Shirts

Minnesota cops walked out on a Lynx game they were supposed to be providing security for because the players wore 'Black Lives Matter' shirts.
Sean Newell