Police: Man Burned Friend's House Down after Soccer Argument

The Superclásico between Argentine teams Boca Juniors and River Plate is coming up on Saturday for the Copa Libertadores, and the rivalry is apparently big enough to cause a man to set his former brother-in-law's house on fire.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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5 out 5 Moms Agree: Messi is the Best

The Argentina star shocked a reporter who gave him a good luck charm from his mother and showed him he wore it during the win against Nigeria.
Sean Newell

Argentina FA World Cup Manual Has Tips for Picking Up Russian Women

Some advice leading up to the the 2018 World Cup include: "Russian girls, like any other girls, pay close attention if you’re clean, you smell good, and if you dress well."
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Inside the World of the Superclasico: VWOS Rivals

The iconic battle between Boca and River isn't on the field, it's in the stands.
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The Immortal Maradona: The Many Times That Diego Cheated Death

The soccer legend, who recently turned 57, has seemed on multiple occasions to have his days numbered—but he's always managed to stick around. Did someone say the hand of God?
Juan José Relmucao

FIFA Lifts Messi's Four-Match Ban for Insulting a Referee

Messi would have missed three other qualifiers, and would have only returned for their final qualifier against Ecuador in October.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Messi Says Mean Thing to Ref, Is Banned for Four Games

FIFA handed Messi a four-match suspension for his comments to an assistant ref during Argentina's World Cup qualifier against Chile last week.
Brian Blickenstaff
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How Liverpool Reject Gabriel Paletta Became AC Milan's Working-Class Hero

Though he never fulfilled his potential at Liverpool, Gabriel Paletta has made a fine career for himself elsewhere. Amongst his fellow Italo-Argentinos, he is a symbol of working-class perseverance.
Federico Manasse
Lionel Messi

Messi Has Brief Dalliance with Perfection on Stunning Free Kick

What else is there to say about Messi?
Sean Newell
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Cardona, Guerrero, Wee Joe Allen: Vice Sports Goals Of The Week

Helping to get you through the unbearable monotony of the international break, here are some magnificent goooooals!
UK Sports Staff

Get Ready for the La Volpe Experiment at Club America

Can the highly influential Argentinian manager help America get back on track?
Cesar Hernandez

Juanpi's Goal for Venezuela Was Bonkers (Kind of Like Earning a Draw Against Argentina)

Ray Hudson lost his mind, and for good reason.
Leander Schaerlaeckens