Lamar Odom Wants ESPN to Denounce Stephen A. Smith's "Crack" Comment

How can you go lower than taking a jab at Lamar Odom?
Liam Daniel Pierce

I Kicked Oxy During a Pro Boxing Bout in Tijuana

LA based professional boxer Zac "Kid Yamaka" Wohlman writes about the time he got sober in the ring.
Zachary Wohlman
Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell Says Some Dumb Shit About Weed

Roger Goodell went on TV and said weed has an "addictive nature." Nothing about opioids, though!
Sean Newell
ryan lang

Darkness Before Dawn: A Fighter's Road to Recovery

In 2007, you couldn't touch Ryan Lang; Big 10 Champion, number two ranked wrestler in the nation, and an Olympic hopeful.
VICE Sports

How Wing Chun Helped Robert Downey Jr. Battle Addiction

We look at actor Robert Downey Jr.'s 12-year history with Wing Chun, and how the martial art has helped the actor get both his career and his life back on track.
Sarah Kurchak
football culture

Steve Sarkisian Coached Through the Pain Because Football Said So

The biggest revelation from the coach's lawsuit was how he and USC acted, at every step in his downfall, exactly the way football taught them to.
Mike Piellucci

Once A Little League World Series Hero, Sean Burroughs Is Still Dreaming Big

Sean Burroughs won back-to-back Little League World Series, but his big league career was derailed by addiction. At 35, he's still working on himself and his game.
Tim Casey

Softball at the End of the World

Whitehorse, Yukon, is a tourism and softball hotspot with a lot of natural beauty—and some severe substance abuse problems.
Sam Riches
a beautiful struggle

Josh Hamilton Still Has Work To Do

Josh Hamilton is a tremendous baseball talent, and an addict. The Angels thought he was just an addict. Hamilton has both the time and ability to prove them wrong.
Jonathan Bernhardt
heroes that bleed

Josh Hamilton, In the Flesh

Josh Hamilton was one of the most revered players in Texas Rangers history, then one of the most reviled. He returns as something different: a human being.
Mike Piellucci

Painkillers in the NFL: Kyle Turley on Playing Numb

Kyle Turley reflects on the long-term effects of playing through injuries by using team-prescribed painkillers and the hypocrisy of the NFL's substance abuse policy.
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Kyle Turley on Life in the NFL (Trailer)

More than 1,000 former NFL players are addicted to painkillers, many without health insurance or any semblance of a support system.
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