LeBron, Like Ali Before Him, is Greater Than Sports

LeBron is constantly compared to Michael Jordan and already on the same business-savvy path as Magic Johnson. But lately—and hopefully on a permanent basis—he’s starting to feel like Muhammad Ali.
Michael Pina
athlete activism

Harry Edwards Is Building an Institute for the Modern Athlete-Activist

For many athletes contemplating taking a stand or embracing activist movements, Harry Edwards is the first person to call. But Edwards knows he won't be around forever, so he's building something that could be.
Saqib Rahim
Donald Trump

Malcolm Jenkins Talks To Us About His Visit with Lawmakers Regarding Criminal Justice Reform

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins was one of five NFL players who visited Capitol Hill to discuss police brutality and criminal justice reform this week. He tells VICE Sports what he learned and what his next steps are.
Aaron Gordon
activist football in god's own country

Meet Yorkshire St. Pauli, The Activist Fan Club Facilitating Change

If we were searching for a St. Pauli fan club, Leeds might be the last place we’d look. So, what inspires football fans in Yorkshire to support Hamburg’s iconic second-tier club?
Will Magee
Black Lives Matter

The Agitator: Harry Edwards on the Revolt of Today’s Black Athlete

In the 1960s, Edwards helped lead a generation of black athletes who wanted to take action for the cause of racial equality. His knowledge, perspective, and experience are still in high demand.
Saqib Rahim

Human Rights Protesters Target Blatter at FIFA Headquarters

Protesters from the activist group Avaaz gathered outside FIFA headquarters to protest the organization and its leader Sepp Blatter by placing him in a literal cage.
Brian Blickenstaff
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Why Do Artists Love Tennis? An Investigation

No sport is as ripe for artistic interpretation, nor as aesthetically pleasing and psychologically captivating, as tennis. No, seriously.
B. David Zarley

Fan Power (or Lack Thereof) In Turkey

Members of Carsi, a politically activist supporters group for the club Beskitas, could see life sentences for no good reason.
Jack Ross

Derrick Rose and the New Dawn of Athlete Activism

A rising tide of public activism has put to rest the notion that modern athletes can't, or won't, make their voices heard on social issues.
Jack Ross