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      March 4, 2017

      Wonderboy Christian Pulisic Finishes a Tidy Goal and Tallies an Assist Off the Bench

      An 18-year-old from Hershey, Pennsylvania has caused a whole country of soccer fans to fixate on the Bundesliga this season. And for the most part, Christian Pulisic has rewarded them. Just take this beautiful goal against Bayer for example.

      After oscillating up and down the roster—spending a fair bit of time on the bench lately—Pulisic has sparked trade rumors to Liverpool, among other clubs, with fans thirsty for more playing time from the rare U.S. national wunderkind. But Dortmund's manager Thomas Tuchel has created a system that favors the youth—perhaps a better model for Pulisic than the famously restricted hierarchy of play time in the Premier League.

      Well, despite his waning play time—he's competing for minutes against truly world class players—Pulisic decided to reward Tuchel mightily today after coming off the bench in the 43rd minute after Marco Reus injured himself. by finishing at the end of a string of passes for a tidy little finish. After coming off the bench in the 43rd minute because Marco Reus injured himself, Pulisic made a clean run directly through a gaping defense and positioned himself well for Erik Durm's assist. It was an important moment for opening up Dortmund's lead, putting a safer two-goal cushion between them.

      And as if scoring a goal just 30 minutes after being sent onto the field wasn't impressive enough, Pulisic wanted you to know that he's not selfish, and recorded an assist to Raphaël Guerreiro to firmament a brutal 6-2 victory.

      I'm guessing Liverpool is going to come knocking again soon. Let's just hope Tuchel realizes he needs to give his man some more playing time to keep him there.

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