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      September 28, 2015

      Gregg Popovich Interview Has NBA TV Reporter Hopeful for The End

      I imagine when someone tells you "Hey, you've got to go interview Popovich now" it's a lot like someone telling you "Hey, someone is going to punch you in the gut, but you don't know when." The silver lining for NBA TV's Jared Greenberg, here, is that he got punched in the gut immediately, so he didn't have to deal with that horrible anticipation. The hits kept coming until the Spurs coach eventually relented and told Greenberg he was just messing around with him.

      Greenberg had no idea he was getting the business, and I'm not sure I even believe that Popovich was joking because the interview at Spurs media day started off with a question about his beard. Popovich answers actual questions about basketball with icy indifference so you can just imagine how an interview that begins with a question about his facial hair would never even get on the rails. Once Popovich dispatched with the beard question, Greenberg was shook and tried to regroup but Popovich just stonewalled him until he likely started to feel so bad for him that he broke character and hugged the guy.

      Watching these two uncomfortable minutes will be the worst two minutes of your day, I promise. Unless you are Jared Greenberg, in which case you'll just be happy to be nowhere near Popovich.

      h/t SI

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