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      February 17, 2017

      Some Guy Ruins This Woman's Perfectly Good Half-Court Shot with a Marriage Proposal

      I'm not sure who cooked up this whole cockamamie plan, but it certainly seems designed to take away from this woman's moment in the sun. Because after Erin Tobin made a majestic, one-handed, hooking half-court shot, some guy came along and ruined the moment of pure bliss with a marriage proposal.

      Now, I'm not going to say that this isn't love. Or that Tobin didn't want to be proposed to this way. Because maybe this is exactly how she always imagined it would happen: her knight in styrofoam armor, taking a knee in the name of corporate branding and romance after she nails a sick half-court shot, proposing his undying love in front of people who came to watch a ball go in a hoop. Who knows?

      But there's something a little rubbery around the edges about someone proposing while draped in corporate promotions after his significant other attempts a mathematically improbable shot. Did her boyfriend think she wasn't going to make it? And that the marriage proposal was the consolation prize? Is a marriage proposal a prize? Why do people think marriage proposals should always come as a surprise? Is it a trick? Is their love now sponsored by the Quincy, Massachusetts, global confectionary megabrand? There are a lot of questions of intent here.

      What is irrefutable now is that Tobin walking away with a $500 gift card to eat donuts and drink coffee, and a lifelong commitment to another human being. Congratulations.

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