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      March 19, 2016

      Post-Game Leicester Fans Sing "We're Going to Win the League" Until Stadium Kicks Them Out

      If you were a Leicester fan (and very well you may be—at least now, you cheeky bandwagoner you), how would you contain your unbridled joy? The answer is: hardly—it's unbridled. Your side is going fucking off right now with eight points clear of the second-best Tottenham, and your future is bright as 1,000 suns.

      Fittingly, Leicester fans stuck around after their victory over Crystal Palace by singing a sparkling round of "we're going to win the league" to the tune of for at least 20 minutes. Here's another angle

      I couldn't tell you why, but I cried a little bit while watching it. I'm not even a Leicester fan. It's just beautiful to see a recently promoted 132-year-old team that has never won a title just seven games away from raising the cup. The fans feel so too. They stuck around until the stadium kicked them out.

      Chills, my friends. Chills.

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