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      March 4, 2017

      Messi Has No Regard for Defenders' Feelings As He Nets Two Pure Golazos

      (Click here for US-only video and audio)

      Messi has a way of making difficult goals look smooth as milk. There's something mesmerizing in the flurry of his legs—the magnetism with which the ball magically clings to his feet, and his teleportation-like speed. If it looks tricky to track and tag down from the constant eagle-eye point of view afforded to us by our televisions, imagine what it's like to be directly in front of him, trying to stop him. Just impossible.

      Such witchcraft was on display, as he wrecked five Celta Vigo defenders' emotions not once, but twice. Above, in the 24th minute, he managed a little flitting-legged sprint straight down the seam at the keeper, drawing a swarm of defenders, who he left strumming their lips with their forefingers, and crossing their eyes.

      Then, just to let you know that things weren't a fluke, he went and achieved a similar goal—this time after starting with a near-half field sprint down the right flank:

      (Click here for US-only video and audio)

      Those defenders are going to need hours of therapy after this.

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