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      March 12, 2017

      Memphis Depay Certainly Wouldn't Have Scored a Half-Field Golazo Like This at Manchester United

      Maybe he just didn't like the drinking water in Manchester. Maybe it's that fresh French Alps runoff in Lyon that's got him playing this way. Could be the baguettes? But whatever it is, Memphis Depay is playing leaps and bounds better in France than he did in England. Just take this, for example: in his final 33 games in the Premier League, he netted only two goals and zero assists. After transferring to Ligue 1 in late January? He has five goals in just six appearances. And count this as one of them.

      Lyon were already dismantling Toulouse 3-0 in the 82nd minute, when Depay spotted the keeper well off the line, and punished him mightily from half-field. It's almost as if he didn't look up to aim—just trying to make sure his footing was correct after the pivot. It takes a lot of ballons to feel confident in your chances from that deep out, but whatever it is about his new arrangement—keep cutting into that fine brie, Memphis.

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