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      March 19, 2017

      Louisville's Deng Adel Serves Up a Dunk That's Devoid of Kindness

      Good goddamn, Deng Adel. This is just a game—you don't have to ruin a man's life with a ball.

      In today's batch of Madness, No 2 seed Louisville is taking on No 8 seed Michigan, and so far things look in keeping with this year's nearly upset-less tourney. As of the writing of this piece, Louisville leads 36-28 at the half. Under any other circumstances, that's a manageable gap to close—but just consider the way these two points went down. Adel found himself with the ball five minutes before the half and launched up and over his Michigan defender for a brutal one-handed jam. And to pour some Morton on that wound, the ball somehow, magically rocked back to slap his defender on the back. Straight-up sadistic.

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