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      March 11, 2017

      Golazo By Guy Named Dudu Ain't No Stinker

      Dudu, you outdid yourself this time, buddy. I'm not too versed in Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, but I can't imagine that Dudu is lacing in crazy near half-field golazos that find deep corners out of the keeper's reach every day. Because that's impossible. But today—for Dudu? Definitely possible.

      In stoppage time in the first half of Palmeiras vs. São Paulo today, Dudu (or Eduardo Pereira Rodrigues, if you're into less hilarious names) caught the keeper off his line and absolutely destroyed him with a beautifully lofted chip shot. Usually, when something like this goes down, the ball is in the center of the field and players have the whole face of the goal to hit. Which is still impossibly difficult. But Dudu ain't like that. Dudu does things the hard way.

      So, with an angled slice of net facing him, Dudu got underneath the ball, giving it a tremendous amount of backspin, and gracefully lifted it over the way-out keeper and into the far corner—only for the keeper to futilely slap the ball out after it was too late. Dudu, serving up that good shit. (Sorry. Had to.)

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