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      March 19, 2017

      Four-Year Old Meets Coyotes Hero Anthony Duclair, Adorably Proposes Marriage in Letter

      Aww, man! This is just the 'dorablist. After the Arizona Coyotes practice on Thursday, forward Anthony Duclair was greeted by a small fan with a very specific request. Autographs are customary, but four-year-old Gracie Hernandez—who practices her writing skills by sending letters to her favorite players on the Coyotes—was curious about 21-year-old Duclair's marital status, and whether or not he wanted to change that. has a couple of photos of the letter itself, but for those of you who couldn't make out what Duclair was saying between blushing grins, the letter reads, "Dear Duke, I'm Gracie, and I'm four. I love you! Are you happy to be back? Will you marry me?" Duclair made the right move and said "yes," and gave her a nice hug. And according to, Gracie is currently convinced that they're actually married. Listen, Gracie, I hope this doesn't seem embarrassing to you in the future. Because that's a pretty baller move right there.

      Gracie has also penned a couple of other Coyotes players, including Jordan Martinook, who very kindly wrote back:

      It's unclear whether or not there was a proposal in Martinook's letter, though.


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