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      March 2, 2017

      Fernando Torres Hospitalized After Suffering Serious Head Injury

      Near the end of today's Atlético Madrid vs. Deportivo match, Atlético striker Fernando Torres went up for a header, and while in the air, he was pushed in the back by a Deportivo defender. Torres immediately fell face down into the turf and was not able to properly brace himself. As a result, he suffered what appeared to be a horrifying injury that left teammates and opponents in tears on the field, and saw Torres rushed to the hospital, and diagnosed with a "traumatic brain injury." Atlético Madrid has now said Torres is "stable and conscious".

      The movement of the injury was chaotic and frightening, as replays show his head and neck snapping and contorting in an unnatural way upon contact with the ground. Players rushed to him to seemingly try and pry his jaw open—presumably so that he wouldn't choke on his tongue after losing consciousness. Some medics even looked away.

      Torres is set to stay at the hospital overnight, where he will be closely monitored.

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