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      April 15, 2017

      Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Paid Out $375,000 to Alleged Rape Victim

      Ronaldo against Atletico Madrid in 2016. Photo by Mariscal—EPA

      Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly paid out $375,000 in 2010 to a woman he allegedly raped in a Las Vegas Hotel, according to German news magazine Der Spiegel. The sports agency that represents Ronaldo, Gestifute, later released a statement, calling the article "a disgusting and outrageous accusation."

      The detailed report was derived from an emotional letter from the alleged victim, a police report, and a "Settlement Memorialization" released by the anonymous hacker group Football Leaks, with all documents using various pseudonyms for both parties. One of the documents refers to a victim as Susan K., another one as Ms. P, another Ms. C—Der Spiegel asserts that the parties in question are synonymous. For the sake of efficiency, we'll refer to the alleged victim as Susan K.

      The incident in question allegedly occurred on June 12, 2009—right after Ronaldo signed a transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid, and a timeframe when he was confirmed to be visiting Las Vegas—after Ronaldo and Susan K. had met at a party, and Susan K. gave Ronaldo her phone number. Susan K. and Ronaldo then met up in his Palms Place Hotel suite and went into the jacuzzi together. Der Spiegel referred to Susan K.'s letter and her description of the incident (as translated by Google Translate):

      When K. arrived with a girlfriend, Ronaldo and his friends supposedly went into the Jacuzzi. He offered her a bathing suit. As she was changing, he followed her. They kissed. For Ronaldo, as K. writes, it was not enough. However, she wanted to return to the others. He grabbed her and laid her on the bed. She tried to protect herself with both hands. "I repeatedly screamed 'No, no, no, no,' and begged you to stop. I've never been so afraid in my life," writes K. in the letter.

      When it was over, Ronaldo is said to have turned to her. He is 99 percent not a bad guy, he reportedly said, that one percent he can not explain. This is how K. writes it in her letter.

      From there, there's a constellation of loose parts that string together something of a complete narrative of the alleged incident and a connection to Ronaldo, but there is no direct evidence of the rape and the hush money payment. For example, Susan K.'s lawyers allegedly contacted two lawyers who have represented Ronaldo in the past. In the police report of the incident, Susan K. was described as, "distraught, crying, and refusing to give the name of the alleged perpetrator." It was also noted that Susan K. described the perpetrator as a "public figure," and an "athlete." Then, in the settlement memorialization, "Mr. D" paid out "Ms. P" $375,000 to never speak about the incident again. Der Spiegel also contacted Susan K. and spoke with a woman they described as distraught, who repeatedly said, "no comment." A reporter also approached Susan K. outside of her Las Vegas home, where she reportedly "ran away" from the reporter.

      TMZ reached out to the Las Vegas Police Department, who claimed they had no record of the incident.

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