Peyton Manning Still Has Some tricks up His Sleeve

Peyton Manning plays possum.

Jan 18 2016, 12:27am

Peyton Manning is old and a shell of his former self, but it's not all bad. Now that he's old, he's wily as all get out. He's always had happy feet, and as he moved around in the pocket to avoid some pressure early in the fourth quarter, his feet got a little too happy, and he fell down. But he was not ever touched, so he shot right back up (relatively speaking) and fired a pass to Emmanuel Sanders for a big play.

Mike Tomlin tried challenging the play, claiming that he Manning had given himself up, but that's not a reviewable play, so the call stood. Judging by his body language, Manning didn't seem to be giving himself up, but it's a tough call figuring that out, which is why it's not reviewable. The play went for 34 yards, but the Broncos wound up having to punt later in the drive.

In other odds and ends, it's possible that someone farted on the broadcast. After Jim Nantz finished reading some copy about the NFL's flag football efforts for kids—appropriate here—it sounded like a very high-pitched bit of air escaped from someone's ass. Either that or someone was practicing the trumpet.

Was it a fart? Was it Phil Simms? How could it not be Phil Simms if it was a fart? These are all questions to which we may never know the answers.