Watch: Triple-A 'Foul Ball' Comes Back From The Dead For Insane Out

You'll see a ball curl fair every once in a blue moon, but never to this extreme.

Sep 2 2016, 3:35pm

In the seventh inning of a Triple-A game last night, the Las Vegas 51s fell victim to a zombie ball. A zombie ball? A zombie ball. What is a zombie ball? A ball that brings itself back from the dead to haunt your ass. That's what.

Las Vegas infielder Eric Campbell's spun a grounder toward the first base dugout, very much a foul ball, which had so much English, that the damn thing reanimated and curled back within the first base foul line right before the bag. It was like a trick pool shot. The El Paso Chihuahuas (Padres) weren't sleeping, though, as first baseman Diego Goris stepped in to scoop the up as it reentered fair territory and step on the base for an out. Spooky.