Cards Against Humanity Bought Naming Rights to a Ballpark

You will now be able to enjoy the national pastime at the "Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place" in Joliet, Illinois.

Dec 21 2017, 11:34pm

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The makers of the irreverent free association game "Cards Against Humanity" are taking their brand of humor to the most irreverent place of all, baseball's independent leagues.

According to a report by Chicago Tribune baseball reporter Chris Kuc, the Chicago-based party game company bought the naming rights to Joliet Route 66 Stadium (formerly Silver Cross Field) in Joliet, Illinois. It will now apparently be called "The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place."

Earlier this month, a banner with those exact words mysteriously sprung onto the entrance of the park. But confirmation came today with Kuc's report today: that will be the official name of the home of the Joliet Slammers of the Frontier League. It is indeed random.

According to Kuc, the Cards Against Humanity Website posted an announcement, saying:

For the final day of Cards Against Humanity Saves America, we really “hit it out of the park” by purchasing the naming rights to a minor-league baseball stadium in Joliet, Illinois. Kindly remove your caps and stand — no kneeling! — for The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place, the new home of the Joliet Slammers!

Lower level baseball is no stranger to wacky promotions, so this feels about right.