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      Today In Social Sports Stupidity
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      June 9, 2014

      Today In Social Sports Stupidity

      Darren Rovell is ESPN's beloved sports business reporter who regularly blesses our lives with the some of the world's most fascinating nuggets of information that any reasonable human being would otherwise probably never think of themselves. In the rare instance they actually did, they would probably light themselves on fire in memorable fashion.

      The most fitting part about Rovell's strange social media presence—and there's an impressive laundry list of baffling garbage—is that a healthy percentage of his tweets never actually involve sports. When they miraculously do, they tend to be more worthless than a dead squirrel laying in a pile of half-eaten acorns.

      Today's exhilarating "sportsbiz" offering was centered around PepsiCo, a company blessed with the gift of holding a powerful presence amongst the array of chips you can find in your local grocery store. The more you know, ladies and gentlemen.

      The idea that such a thought would enter someone's brain at 9:18 AM on a Monday morning is by far the most compelling element of this useless factoid.


      Social Sports Stupidity is a daily feature here at VICE Sports that will exist until the overwhelming avalanche of stupidity in the sports world subsides. So yeah, there's a very good chance we'll see you tomorrow.

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