Winter Ball is Coming: the Premier League Revealed its New Cold Season Football

A bright new ball for the winter.

Oct 2 2015, 6:28pm

Say it's cold outside. Do you wear a tank top? No. Don't be silly. You wear a turtle neck. And now, such is the way with footballs. The Premier League revealed today, via Twitter, the new outfit worn by Premier League balls in the winter months: an updated version of the Nike Ordem 3.

Here's Nike's take on the original release of the original (non-winter) Ordem 3:

The distinctive, bold Visual Power Graphic that is printed across the Ordem 3's 12 panels helps players catch sight of the ball quicker, facilitating rapid decision-making, instant reactions and, ultimately, enhanced performance.

The only thing changed from the old version to the new version appears to be that the ball has been cooked up with a spicier batch of neon. Or "rapid decision-making" facilitators.

Regardless of whether this tech is BS, it'll be nice to spot the ball when it's snowing. Even if it's not so tank top/turtle neck after all.