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      NFL DFS Week 15 – The Sunday Crossword
      Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
      December 16, 2015

      NFL DFS Week 15 – The Sunday Crossword

      Week 14 saw scoring take a dip, and nearly all of the DraftKings Millionaire Maker GPP top-10 tickets featured a healthy Seattle stack and a sick Odell Beckham (this week's price $9,200). Injuries took tickets out early, then late and left winners of 50/50s even more random. Very few people took a chance on stud Todd Gurley (on a Thursday game this week) and those who did were rewarded with cash money. We should've known that it pays to have a memory longer than two weeks. Then again, I'm as guilty of a short memory as anyone, as you're about to see.

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      You'll find that my ticket chases last week's points, but I hope my reasoning is sound. Many expensive wide receivers are facing tough matchups, while Seattle's running backs may be asked only to block or catch passes. So I'm loving that Seattle passing stack once again. And Odell, well, what can you say? Pure greatness. Although he's playing a corner who runs his mouth and backs it up, I'm hoping that still puts Odell above the position's scoring average. So although chasing points is dangerous, I believe it was Eliot Ness who said, "I've become what I've beheld and am content that I have done right." No? Okay, you got me; it was Kevin Costner.

      Tampa Bay plays at St. Louis on Thursday night in a game that, if your roof was on fire, this matchup might actually put it out. The Jets play in Dallas on Saturday night, so no Brandon Marshall and no screaming as to why Dez isn't getting any targets. Other than that, here are some players for your Sunday and Monday DFS consideration:


      Russell Wilson ($7,000) – No player is hotter, and with no Rawls he'll be asked to do even more

      Carson Palmer ($7,000) – Love his matchup Sunday night against Philly

      Drew Brees ($6,600) – Detroit can be tough, but I'm not scared

      Blake Bortles ($6,100) – Sold his soul and the devil wants his money back

      Alex Smith ($5,100) – When you find your pockets empty except for a few crumbs

      T.J. Yates ($5,000) – When even the crumbs are gone


      Adrian Peterson ($7,100) – Triedest and truest for all ye that remember

      Lamar Miller ($6,300) – Displayed both his and his coaches' talent on Monday night

      David Johnson ($5,700) – If he's healthy; Philadelphia sends a gold-embroidered invitation

      Eddie Lacy ($5,200) – My eyes say yes, while my gut bewares

      Jeremy Hill ($5,000), Gio Bernard ($4,500) – Expect Cincy to play closer to the ground without Dalton

      Buck Allen ($4,500) – Still getting those targets

      Tim Hightower ($3,900) – Cheapest clear #1 running back

      This could be a good week to stack your roster with Cardinals. Photo by Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports.


      Odell Beckham ($9,200) – Josh Norman will scare others away, but not me

      Julio Jones ($8,500) – With many tough matchups for expensive wideouts, he's looking nice

      Calvin Johnson ($6,900) – Friendly matchup against New Orleans

      Demaryius Thomas ($6,800) – Lots of targets he might think about catching

      Sammy Watkins ($6,200) – Too cheap for his recent production

      Doug Baldwin ($5,800), Tyler Lockett ($4,200) – Seattle is gonna have to keep throwing it

      Jeremy Maclin ($5,500) – You could do a lot worse

      John Brown ($4,900), Michael Floyd ($4,400) – A Cardinals stack is invitingly priced


      Gronk ($7,700) – Back and all out of bubblegum

      Jordan Reed ($5,900) – Getting what you pay for and more

      Ben Watson ($4,800) – High floor and ceiling

      Julius Thomas ($4,700) – A cheap piece of the Bortles experience


      Seattle ($4,200) – Home against Cleveland seems unfair

      New England ($3,700) – Can't see Mariota having a good day

      Houston ($2,500) – Save some bucks and face some Hasselbeck (make sure Luck isn't playing!)

      My DraftKings Ticket

      Russell Wilson, Adrian Peterson, Tim Hightower, Odell Beckham, Doug Baldwin, Michael Floyd, Jordan Reed, Tyler Lockett, Texans Defense

      Craig Clark is a Daily Fantasy Sports expert who appears weekly on the Harris Football Podcast ( You can follow him on Twitter @pcclark59.

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