Harvard's Anthony Firkser Pulls Down One-Handed Lefty Grab

Not bad, for the Ivy League.

Nov 21 2015, 10:45pm

It's hard to know if the Ivy League is actually good at anything. It seems like the majority of their efforts are spent on throwing money at their problems and telling people that they're better at most things than other people. Sure, the Ivy League basically started as a football rivalry, but their sports folklore betrays their actual (lack of) talent.

Just try to imagine Columbia University football going against Clemson. That's what I thought.

Nevertheless, some impressive things can go down on the football field when you're not watching. Take this play, for example, as Harvard's tight end Anthony Firkser pulls down a T-Rex version of an OBJ catch with his slightly-crooked left hand. As the announcer says, the man had been recruited to play basketball for several D1 schools, but he decided to end up at, well, Harvard.

Let us not all exalt the man's accomplishments—on or off the field—any more so than he deserves. It was once nice catch in a game that seems like a W for the Crimson—against a team that would be a mere traffic lane on an SEC team's road to a BCS championship. But let's allow that it was nice in that moment. Because it was.