Kobe Bryant is the Yoda to D'Angelo Russell's Luke

Kobe has some words of wisdom for D'Angelo Russell, courtesy of Yoda.

Mar 31 2016, 5:35pm

After the Lakers beat the Miami Heat 102-100 last night, Kobe sat down for a sprawling press conference that touched on everything from Lamar Odom, who was in attendance, to a brief interruption from Dwyane Wade. He also addressed Yung Zapruder himself, D'Angelo Russell.

Both Nick Young and Russell addressed the story before the game—Young kept a tight lid, and Russell continued to apologize as he has since the whole fiasco broke—and reporters got Kobe to weigh in after putting up two points on 1-7 shooting over nine minutes of play.

Here's a pretty good quote from Philosopher Kobe, which is 100 percent on point, for obvious reasons.

You talk to the guys tonight, and I think the guys are understanding. I think we're all human beings. I don't think anybody can really hold anybody to strict judgment, because everybody makes mistakes. And I think if we're being honest with ourselves and we're sincerely self-assessing, I think we'll realize that we've all made mistakes and we've all made massive ones at times. I think the important thing is to show compassion, empathy and help him grow—help us grow as a team and as a unit.

This is a fair assessment, and Kobe knows it's fair because as many have mentioned, he was in a similar situation after he was facing rape charges in Colorado. While he denied that the encounter was nonconsensual, he did admit to cheating and then snitched on teammate Shaquille O'Neal for cheating too, causing a lot of friction around the team.

Kobe is crazy, but he's not stupid. So he's not going to kill Russell for a mistake. Instead he's going to assume the role of Wizened Elder and give some words of wisdom in mangled syntax.

I had a chance to talk to him earlier today. All I can do is just do myself Yoda impersonations and give him that kind of sage advice, I guess. "One day, pass this shall," or something like that.

Really wish he said it in Yoda's voice, though.