Dallas Stars Troll Trump and His Lying Inauguration Attendance Numbers on Jumbotron

They've got a good sense of humor about them—enough to troll King Troll himself: Donald Trump.

Liam Daniel Pierce

Dallas may be situated deep in the heart of a heavily red state, but at least they've got a good sense of humor about them. Enough to troll King Troll himself: Donald Trump.

Near the beginning of the third period in last night's game against the Washington Capitals, the Dallas Stars—per custom—flashed their attendance count, but with a healthy estimate of 1.5 million. Does that figure sound familiar? Yeah, that's how many people Donald Trump said were at the Men's March, aka his Inauguration. Other logically-calculated estimates are hitting the low number of 250,000. (Note: The Women's March crowds were estimated to have been three times larger in DC alone.) The Stars' American Airlines Center capacity, on the other hand? 18,500.

It's enough to restore a little bit of faith that one of the most conservative leagues in sports can have a good laugh at our completely incompetent, sexist, horrifying president.