St. John's Hockey Player Makes a Once-In-a-Lifetime Diving Stick Save

Just mind-blowing coordination.

Feb 21 2016, 11:27pm

Bud Halloway is a great name for a legendary figure—the kind of name your grandpa probably had on his baseball cards of yore. Fitting, then, that someone named Bud Halloway made a heroic dive to bat away a puck from a near-goal. This, my friends, is the stuff of legends.

In an AHL (NHL feeder) game between the St. John's Ice Caps and the Binghamton Senators, Ice Caps' Halloway looked like a secret service agent, ready to take a bullet. The goalie must have been pulled, as a searing shot came halfway across the ice toward an empty net, but Halloway came in and made an incredible dive to knock the puck out of midair with his outstrectched stick, redirecting it to safety. St. John's would later lose 4-1, but Bud Halloway? That's the name your grandkids will be talking about.