Curt Schilling Posts Anti-Transgender Meme, Doubles Down in Comments

Curt Schilling's bigoted social media presence makes a special appearance.

Apr 19 2016, 8:46pm

Curt Schilling must be actively trying to get fired now. Known in the past as an anti-Muslim meme-poster who threw a baseball real good, like, ten years ago, Schilling is no stranger to straight up bigotry. Schilling's social media accounts are littered with evolutionary truthering, racist, and factually inaccurate memes—most famously, Schilling wondered aloud about the staggering gibberish comparing Muslims to Nazis—and he did it again yesterday. Schilling shared a Facebook post that not only compared a man in some obvious sort of costume to transgender people, but also got all "woe is us, the bigots."

As if it weren't stupid enough to feel personally attacked because the sanctity of pissing and shitting with your fellow genitals havers is endangered, this idiotic image macro also takes it up a notch with the "NEEDS TO DIE!!!" bit. This self-pity is remarkable considering I can't for the life of me think of any examples of a person in favor of LGBT equality even suggesting violence against those that disagree with them.

Curt didn't just stop there, though. He stood his ground, and stood up for the right of his penis, and all other like-minded penises to expel waste as God intended: in the company of other penises and ONLY penises.

Fuck all the way off, Curt. What's pathetic is being consumed and ruled by fear. Just like the prevailing sentiment for having a gun is to protect yourself from the bad guys with guns, the rationalization for this line of hatred is fear of some deranged man going into women's bathrooms to harass women, like the only thing stopping a harasser is a little blue circle with a women in a dress stapled to the door. This is fear of the unknown—ignorance—straight up. Real bold move, by the way, cowering behind "your daughter" because you are too scared or disinterested in understanding another person's point of view.

So much concern for the penis and where it should go, and yet Curt Schilling doesn't seem to care that he has no balls.

h/t OutSports