Some Genius's College Gameday Sign Asks for Beer Money Via Venmo, Gets it in Droves

I wonder how many people are requesting money from Sam Crowder right now.

Sep 10 2016, 4:30pm

Hello, I am a prince from Nigeria, and I need to send millions of dollars away. All I need is your bank account number. Urgent! Private!

Well, someone named Sam Crowder with a sign on College Gameday didn't go exactly that far, but it turns out they came up with a better scheme: just asking their mom for beer money, and dropping their Venmo account number. It's not clear if Sam Crowder (could be a woman or a man, really) got some money from her/his mom, but Sam certainly got crazy bank from a bunch of strangers alright.

Just to give you an idea, it's not just the screenshots from Sam's account. There are lots of people going nuts on Twitter, at least saying that they're throwing their cash at Sam. (I wonder how many people are requesting money.)

Here are some more screenshots of Sam's account. (Also, note the minimalist genius in him not showing a team bias—Sam's getting it from everyone.)

I'm not saying, but DM me if you want to give me beer money too, please?


According to The Score (who thankfully did the counting, so I didn't have to), Crowder is beyond 500 payments on the Venmo account. You could buy a couple of beers with that.