Tokyo Sexwale Is A Real Person, Will Lead The FIFA Monitoring Committee on Palestine

Unfortunately, it's not pronounced how it looks.

Jun 12 2015, 5:15pm

This is Tokyo Sexwale. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Tokyo Sexwale will lead the FIFA monitoring committee overseeing the relationship between the Israel and Palestine Football Associations, FIFA announced today.

Tokyo Sexwale is not an amorous Asian sea mammal. He is a South African billionaire diamond magnate, and his name is pronounced "seh-wa-le," not "sex-whale." In 2013, while embattled in a bitter divorce, Sexwale accused his ex-wife and her former security guard of "using illegal hardcore pornography." This became quite a scandal in South Africa. He sounds like just the guy to mediate between two bitter parties that intensely dislike each other.