ESPN's Tony Kornheiser Says 'On Fleek,' Slang Declared Dead Forever

What happens when an ESPN talking head uses slang on-air? Well, it's not quite the apocalypse, but slang is definitely over as a form of expression.

Feb 26 2015, 6:35pm

Well, slang had a good run, but as this clip from ESPN's Pardon The Interruption clearly demonstrates, slang is over. Dead. Done. Buried. This is what happens when Tony Kornheiser, a 66-year-old sports talking head from Lynbrook, New York, uses "on fleek" during his ESPN television show. Co-host Mike Wilbon adds the obligatory coffin nail by admitting he too has no idea what "on fleek" means and it is at that moment that all slang lost its cultural cache. Sorry folks, it was fun while it lasted.