LeBron Calls President Trump a Bum, Remains the Goddamned Best

Trump disinvited Stephen Curry from a potential White House trip (that wasn't happening anyway), and LeBron called him out on it.

Sep 23 2017, 4:56pm

Yesterday, the Golden State Warriors meet with the media, and a lot of the questions centered around a potential visit to the White House to celebrate their NBA Finals win over the summer. Almost immediately after beating the Cavaliers, it became clear the Warriors were more than likely not going to go, and it's a story that has followed them ever since. Individual quotes have ranged from diplomatically wondering aloud if a statement could be made by actually visiting, to straight up thanks but no thankses.

Yesterday, Steph Curry was asked for what felt like the 100th time whether he would go and he said "I don't want to go."

Our sitting president, being the fragile, 71-year-old that he is, responded this morning by disinviting Curry (and possibly the whole team?) after Curry already said he didn't want to go. A man made famous by firing people on tv pulled a "you can't fire me, I quit."

"Hesitating." lol.

And now, the best part comes from Curry's vanquished foe, LeBron James. The greatest basketball player on the planet called the 45th president of the United States a bum and an embarrassment to the office he holds.




I am so incredibly here for our greatest athletes dismissing the president like he's some moron sports talk radio caller. Because that is exactly what he is. It's even better that James used Trump's preferred social media platform to do it.