Michael Jordan Tells Craig Sager about "The Birth of Michael Jordan"

Despite the audio difficulties, TBS got a few decent quotes out of Michael Jordan tonight.

Apr 5 2016, 2:59am

TBS got a few seconds with the one and only Michael Jordan to talk hoops and his alma mater during a break in the National Championship game between his Tar Heels and Villanova. MJ started the interview off by complimenting Sager on his shoes, naturally, and then later touched on what he called "the birth of Michael Jordan." Sager asked him about the highlight package at the end of the tournament, One Shining Moment, and his own moment: hitting the game winner in the 1982 championship. MJ busted out his best third person voice and explained how a star was born.

"You know that's the birth of Michael Jordan. Before then, I was "Mike" Jordan. All of a sudden I make that shot, I'm "Michael" Jordan...for me, it started me career."

Unfortunately, for the 69 seconds they spoke to Jordan, TBS was experiencing some technical difficulties and the microphone cut in and out sporadically through the interview. We did at least get to hear a nice moment at the end, with Jordan asking Sager, who is still battling cancer, if he was "feeling good" and then ending the interview telling him "it's always good to see you, man."

For Jordan's sake, we hope he keeps his (until recently) trademark smile on the rest of the night. For the internet's sake, here's hoping Villanova can hang on to what is, at the moment, a 60-55 lead.