La Liga, The Simpsons, and a Case of the Mondays

A group of ultras has come to the defense of their beloved team by engaging in a Simpsons-themed protest. This is not a drill.

Nov 4 2014, 6:14pm

Rayo Vallecano, the tiny Madrid team of La Liga, has existed in the shadows of its larger neighbors for too long. A group of ultras known as the Bukaneros—the Buccaneers— are Rayo's most diehard fans and they've had enough. In protest of having to play on Monday in order to make room for the precious television slots allotted to Real Madrid, the Bukaneros did what everyone would do in this situation. They abandoned the first few minutes of Monday's match. In their normal spot behind the goal, they arranged a Simpsons-themed protest.

Kent Brockman reported live!

Think of the children!

There was a Bart tifo!

More Bart!

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