The God Illusion

The Cult: Roger Federer

Our society has lost all perspective when it comes to the importance we place on athletes. But with Roger Federer and his godlike tennis, perhaps we're not far off.
Toby Sprigings

In Tennis, Hip Injuries Are the New Wrist Injuries Are the New Elbow Injuries

Is the punishing power baseline style that has defined men's tennis for over a decade catching up with players?
Van Sias
come on tim!

The Cult: Tim Henman

Henman was an inherently British hero, the awkward letdown who we loved regardless. The crowds still shout his name at Wimbledon, it’s definitely still funny, and that makes him worthy of The Cult.
Will Magee

Wimbledon Champ Goran Ivanisevic Recalls His Wild Ride to the Top of Tennis

After three heartbreaking final defeats Goran Ivanisevic became Wimbledon champion in 2001. There have been few, if any, more popular winners in SW19. VICE Serbia sat down with the irrepressible Ivanisevic to discuss his rollercoaster career.
Ivan Minic
existential grudge matches

We Spoke To AFC Wimbledon Fans About The Ethics of Playing MK Dons

Ahead of Wimbledon’s first ever home fixture against MK Dons, we spoke to fans about the ethics and mores of watching a club that many refuse to acknowledge as a legitimate entity.
Will Magee
fond old football cliches

Double Or Quits: The Glorious Cliche Of The Relegation ‘Six-Pointer’

With the campaign well underway at this point, we've already had our fair share of relegation six-pointers. Here, we explore the psychology of the old cliche, and remember some of the best in recent memory.
Will Magee

Tennis Player Gabriella Taylor's Parents Say She Was Poisoned at Wimbledon, But Probably Not

Taylor came down with a super rare disease, and her parents are right to be freaking out. But all logic says it was just bad luck.
Mike Vorkunov
black market

Inside Wimbledon's Black Market Ticket Trade

Ticket touts are as much a part of Wimbledon as strawberries and cream.
David Cox
class struggle and libertine tennis

“A Rebel From The Wrong Side of the Tennis Tramlines” – The Legacy of Fred Perry

Prior to Andy Murray’s triumph, Fred Perry was the last British man to win Wimbledon. He was also a libertine, an accidental fashionista, a socialist’s son, and much more.
Will Magee

Why Do People Keep Threatening Tennis Players with Violence On Social Media?

As betting on tennis has increased dramatically, so has the volume death threats from scorned gamblers to tennis players via social media.
David Cox
the rich and varied culture of henman hill

The Vice Guide To Enjoying Henman Hill Responsibly

When attending Wimbledon as a casual tennis fan, you’ll most likely end up on Henman Hill. Here’s how to enjoy the experience without making a complete tit of yourself.
Will Magee
extreme discomfort for the sake of tennis

The VICE Guide To Camping At Wimbledon

If you want to get ahead at Wimbledon, the trick is to camp out for tickets. Here, we explore the culture of tennis camping, and hand out some crucial tips for survival and success.
Will Magee