Rugby Player Banned for Three Years for Vicious, "Deliberate" Hit on Referee

Bruno Andres Doglioli tackled referee Maria Beatrice Benvenuti from behind, snapping her head back.
Mike Vorkunov

Amateur Russian Hockey Player Drills Ref with Stick for Giving Him a Penalty

He received a 10-minute major and proceeded to swing his stick at the ref, and then knock him down again for good measure.
Patrick Sauer

"I Mean, We Wrestle a Lot": Talking to Ring Of Honor's Joe Koff, Independent Wrestling's Independent

A conversation with Joe Koff, COO of the mega-indie wrestling circuit Ring Of Honor, about wrestling, business, the wrestling business, and the Kevin Owens Factor.
Ian Williams
bloody saturday

"It's an English Town!" – 72 Hours Amid the Mayhem in Marseille

VICE Sports was in Marseille last weekend to witness the violent clashes between football fans, hooligans, and local police. This is what we saw.
Loïs Elziere

Farewell to the Utterly Undeniable Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was an indie wrestling grinder who became a beloved WWE champion because of how uniquely talented he was. His career is over, but his legend is secure.
Ian Williams
Pro Wrestling

Working, Fighting, and Bret "Hitman" Hart

Even among his pro wrestling peers, Bret Hart has suffered a great deal, in the ring and out. His cancer diagnosis is sad, but Hart doesn't go down easily.
Ian Williams

New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom and the Art of the Fight

New Japan Pro Wrestling is the second-biggest wrestling promotion in the world, and utterly unique. Naturally, its Wrestle Kingdom event was a hell of a show.
Ian Williams

Hockey Goalie Slashes Opponent Right in the Face

He hit him right in the damn face. With a goalie's stick!
Sean Newell

Seth Rollins Is Hurt, and WWE Gets a Chance

Seth Rollins' catastrophic knee injury is a terrible break for him and everyone who likes wrestling. For the WWE, it's an opportunity to tell a new story.
Ian Williams

One Last Look At John Cena, Who Maybe Didn't Suck

After a decade of omnipresence—and nearly as many years of "John Cena sucks" chants—John Cena is taking a hiatus from wrestling. Maybe it's time for a reappraisal.
Ian Williams
Pro Wrestling

NXT, WWE, and the Battle Between Indie Spirit and Big Wrestling Business

NXT, WWE's flourishing developmental league, looks and feels like an indie wrestling fed, and has bought up a ton of indie stars. It hasn't made WWE less dull.
Ian Williams
Pro Wrestling

Sting and Taking the Last Bump

On Sunday night, in a WWE pay-per-view, Sting suffered a serious neck injury. What was the 56-year-old wrestler doing out there? Same thing he's always done.
Ian Williams