give it giggseh 'til the end of the season

In Fond Memory of the Greatest Football Vines

This week marks the end of Vine, a looping video app that was one of the best things about the internet. Football, and everything else, will be poorer for the loss.
Will Magee
death by content

The Tragedy of Shareable Content and The Professional Footballer’s Final Frontier

Content creation might be a source of sustenance for the rest of us, but for footballers it can be a professional death knell. Here, we explore the tragic correlation between too much YouTube and football oblivion.
Will Magee
gunnersaurus for player of the month

Fans To Be Given Twitter Vote On Premier League Manager and Player Of The Month

In other words, it’s probably going to be one of Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Gunnersaurus from now until May.
UK Sports Staff

Should Formula One Be Plotting a Twitter Future?

Like F1, the NFL is currently seeking to expand its global fanbase. Unlike F1, however, the American sport is actively aligning with social media platforms.
Kate Walker,

The 'Twitter Farms' Making Money From Your Favourite Parody Accounts

VICE Sports went in search of the brains behind @DeludedBrendan. What we uncovered may change the way you enjoy Twitter parody accounts forever.
Matt Cutler
Formula 1

When Formula 1 Goes Viral

Fernando Alonso probably had little idea that his five minutes of relaxation would help make him the most talked about driver of the Brazilian GP.
Jonathan Noble,
football at the coalface

Welsh Premier League Side Advertise for New Boss on Twitter

Fancy making an absolute killing working in football? Probably best to swerve the Welsh Premier League then.
VICE Sports
21st century football

The Other Side of the Avatar: Inside the World of Football Social Media

From non-league to Champions League, every football club now has a plethora of social media accounts. But who are the people behind the avatars? We spoke to Tottenham's former social media manager to find out.
Raj Bains
collaborative efforts

Beyond Wubba Batson, Or The Search For Good Golf Spoonerisms

In which an idle comment that professional golf is without any really good spoonerisms is taken as a challenge by Twitter, which responds vigorously.
David Roth