Throwback Thursday


Remembering Ali vs. Frazier: The Thrilla in Manila

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier's last fight is considered to be one of the most terrible and fascinating spectacles in boxing history. We discuss the lead up, the result, and the fabled lost round.
Jack Slack

Throwback Thursday: How a French Feminist Staged Her Own Games and Forced the Olympics to Include Women

When the IOC wouldn't allow women to fully compete at the Olympics, French feminist Alice Milliat staged the now-forgotten Women's World Games, ultimately winning a major victory for female athletes.
Brian Blickenstaff

Everything You Think You Know About Jesse Owens at Hitler's 1936 Nazi Olympics Is Wrong

It is an accident of history that we can still watch and appreciate Owens's famous race because of a Nazi sympathizer.
Aaron Gordon
Throwback Thursday

"God Pulled Me Through" – How 17-Year-Old Michael Chang Won the French Open

Despite playing with a heavy heart over the Tiananmen Square Massacre, 17-year-old Michael Change stunned the tennis world by winning the 1989 French Open.
Tim Casey

March 1991: Monica Seles Takes the Throne

In 1991, Steffi Graf had sat atop the women's tennis rankings for more than three years. Then Monica Seles came on the scene, and things got interesting.
Patrick Sauer

Benn–McClellan: The Fight That Changed Lives

21 years ago Gerald McClellan fought Nigel Benn for the WBC super middleweight title. It was a brutal contest that left the American fighting for his life, and a changed man thereafter.
Jim Weeks
paul o'connell

14 Years On From Paul O'Connell's Try-Scoring International Debut

Paul O'Connell clocked up 108 caps and some significant silverware for Ireland. 14 years ago, he began that journey with a debut try scored in the haze of concussion.
Nick Roberts
kettering town

The Unlikely Pioneers of Shirt Sponsorship in English Football

Unsurprisingly, the FA weren't impressed by this fresh money-making initiative.
Jim Weeks
Throwback Thursday

14-Year-Old Freddy Adu and the Age Truthers

Twelve years ago, MLS drafted 14-year-old phenom Freddy Adu, who was dogged by questions about his real age.
Andrew Helms

The Sven We Knew Then and the Sven We Know Now

When he was appointed England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson seemed pitifully boring, but the image we had of him then is dramatically different from that of today.
Jim Weeks
things you can do indoors

The Rise of Table Tennis and Ping Pong Diplomacy

The first table tennis tournament took place in London 114 years ago. Today, the sport has some unlikely ties to international politics.
Jim Weeks
i can't believe they invented it

​Remembering the Formula 1 'Indoor Trophy'

Despite its ultra-slick image, there was once an event F1 held in a car park in Bologna that attracted a ragtag group of backmarkers and young hopefuls.
Jim Weeks