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gak of the net!

Peruvian Police Reportedly Seize Over a Tonne of Lionel Messi-Branded Cocaine

The world is about to wave goodbye to over a tonne of gak worth around £73m, the marketing of which would have been lost on unappreciative nostrils anyway.
Will Magee
gusztav sebes and friends

A Potted History Of Hipster Football Managers

From Gusztáv Sebes to Thomas Tuchel via Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, there is an esoteric breed of football manager who supposedly appeal to hipster fans. Here’s how the phenomenon of the hipster manager came to be.
Will Magee
occasional tantrums and zero insight

Is It Time To Do Away With Post-Match Interviews In Football?

In light of Jose Mourinho’s latest meltdown in front of the cameras, maybe it’s time for us to admit that post-match interviews are a waste of everyone’s time.
Will Magee
the showman

The Cult: Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho was a footballer unlike any other, and a showman par excellence. For his infectious exuberance, warmth and flair, we induct him into The Cult.
Sean Cole
it's a rich man's world

The Colour Of Money: Previewing Manchester City vs. Chelsea

In the first of this week’s Premier League Previews, we look to a monied match at the top of the table, and how its meaning has changed in recent years.
Will Magee
life swap!

Freaky Friday Football Fantasies: Previewing Burnley vs. Manchester City

In the first of this week’s Premier League Previews, we imagine what would happen if Sean Dyche and Pep Guardiola had to live each other’s lives for a day.
Will Magee

Bayern Munich's Next Great Talent: The Inexorable Rise Of Joshua Kimmich

If versatility used to be a mixed blessing for young footballers, it's the hallmark of the modern game. Joshua Kimmich has it in abundance, and is using it to take the Bundesliga by storm.
Alex Hess
november 1994

Bonfire of The Vanities: Manchester United's 1994 Humbling at The Hands of Barcelona

In November 1994, Manchester United were thumped 4-0 by a team that I had neither heard of nor seen play. Their name was FC Barcelona, and they were truly magnificent.
Jim Weeks
manuel pellegrini: the chilean banquo

The Ghost At The Feast Of Pep Guardiola: Previewing Manchester City vs. Southampton

In the second of this week’s Premier League Previews, we see the spectre of Manuel Pellegrini appearing at Guardiola’s footballing feast.
Will Magee
football's very own marlon brando

The Curtain Falls On Yaya Toure: Bidding Farewell To A Premier League Icon

Though Yaya Toure's Manchester City career appears to be nearing a rather bloated, undignified end, we'll never forget the swagger and spectacle of his glory years in the Premier League.
Alex Hess
the end of the invincible dream

Pep Guardiola's Magnificent Defeatibles: Reviewing Tottenham vs. Manchester City

In the second instalment of the Premier League Review, we get inside the head of a melancholy sports editor, shredding his Pep Guardiola back-page spread.
Will Magee
cashmere jumpers and impossible manliness

Sexy Flamenco, Sixth-Form Disco: Previewing Tottenham vs. Manchester City

In the second of this week’s Premier League Previews, we look forward to a crucial clash between Tottenham and Man City, with a fiery undertone of sexual tension.
Will Magee