Why Yes, This Taiwanese Super Bowl Animation Certainly Does Feature Trump as a Cheerleader

The best part of the piece is the phrase, "The Patriots have been here before, which is probably why everyone and their mother want them to lose." There is profound truth in art.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Tracing ​American Football's Rugby Roots

If there is one thing that American football and rugby fans both hate, it's when comparisons are drawn between the two sports. Nevertheless, these games are cut from the same cloth and still hold many similarities in the 21st century.
Ben Halls
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The Cult: OJ Simpson

The Cult returns for 2017 with a man who once ranked among America's most popular sportsmen, but went on to become a full-blown national scandal.
Toby Sprigings

Is American Football Less Moral Than MMA?

A look at the moral dimensions of competitive savagery.
Jeff Harder
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A Different Kind of Pitch: Hitting the Studio With NFL Ace Nathan Palmer

VICE Sports recently trained with former Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders wide receiver Nathan Palmer, before gaining an insight into a hobby that has seen him share a stage with Trey Songz and Drake.
VICE Sports
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Why British Fans Aren’t Sold on a London Franchise, and Other Awkward Truths for the NFL

When we spoke to British NFL fans, more than 60% wanted to keep the International Series over having a team, with only 15% backing a London franchise. The league may need to revise its plans for British domination.
Ben Halls

​The Confessions of Victor Cruz: NFL Star and Unreformed Sneakerhead

We caught up with NFL star Victor Cruz in London to discuss his rise to the top, persevering in the face of injuries, and just what it's like to own roughly 700 pairs of sneakers.
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How Do British Fans Pick Their NFL Team?

How do Brits find such love for teams that are based thousands of miles away? It's a mixed bag of first games, holiday destinations, and dumb luck.
Ben Halls
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The Cult: Michael Vick

This week's inductee to The Cult was an NFL superstar whose career was halted – but not ended – by a gruesome discovery in the woods behind his home.
Toby Sprigings
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​Riding the Second Wave: The Ressurection of NFL in the UK

As important as hosting competitive games at Wembley was for the NFL's rejuvenation in Britain, it owes its current success to two other crucial areas: universities, and a cult following.
Ben Halls

American Cop Talks Man Down From the Brink of Suicide With NFL Talk

It's noteworthy that the last thing the cop says to the jumper before taking him back from the brink is about how much he hates the Cowboys.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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A Guide to Awful American Sports Merchandise for Women

Women sports fans want the same things from their merchandise as their male counterparts. A roundup of the shit we get instead of a decent-fitting T-shirt.