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Roland Garros

Thiem vs. Nadal and the Changing of the Tennis Guard

As of Wednesday, 23-year-old Dominic Thiem has beaten every member of tennis’s Big Four.
Nick Pachelli
the cricket test

The Legacy of The ‘Cricket Test’, A Tory Yardstick For Immigrant Integration

Speaking in 1990, Conservative grandee Norman Tebbit suggested immigrants could not be truly loyal to Britain without supporting the England cricket team. His comments have shown remarkable longevity, regardless of their lack of merit.
Will Magee

Skater Stefani Nurding Talks Theresa May, Women’s Skateboarding, and Glitter

We caught up with Stefani Nurding at the Vans Park Series in Malmö to discuss the upcoming election, women’s skateboarding, and bringing the glitter.
VICE Staff
fox hunting

A Political Bloodsport: the Hunting Act in 2017 and Beyond

Last month Theresa May reaffirmed her support for fox hunting and promised a free vote during the next parliament. What is the future for this broadly unpopular bloodsport?
Jim Weeks
Monaco or Bust

A Formula 1 Crew Member Explains the Challenges of the Monaco Grand Prix

Fielding an F1 car is tough. Doing it in the cramped confines of Monaco is close to impossible. So how do the crews get the job done?
Jim Weeks
Barcelona Skate Culture

Marek Zaprazny Explains Why Barcelona Hosts Street League Skateboarding

We asked pro skater and Barcelona resident Marek Zaprazny what draws the world's best skateboarders to the city year after year.
Daryl Mersom

Jinder Mahal Is WWE’s Latest “Evil Foreigner” – And Fans Still Eat It Up

When people are being shot for their turbans or the colour of their skin, wrestling's continued reliance on xenophobic gimmicks feels worse than cynical.
Ian Williams
pay dispute

More Australian Cricketers Are Lining Up To Stick It To The Man

Australian wicketkeeper Mathew Wade is the latest to pledge his solidarity with the union.
Jed Smith
Mountain Rescue

On the Matterhorn, Air Zermatt Can Be the Difference Between Life and Death

The Matterhorn is hugely popular with skiers and climbers, but this beautiful mountain can also be deadly. We spent some time with Air Zermatt, a rescue team dedicated to saving lives on 'the Horn'.
Nathan Copelin
Mount Everest

Saray Khumalo Takes on Everest

"I don't need a man to climb a mountain," says Khumalo, who hopes to become the first black African woman to summit the world's highest peak.
Neha Wadekar
the death of ayrton senna

The Death of Ayrton Senna and the Long Search for Blame

Ayrton Senna died on 1 May 1994. What followed was a grim afterword to the great Brazilian's life story: the search for an explanation and, ultimately, for someone to blame for his death.
Jim Weeks

A Case for More Blood in Wrestling

The presence of blood holds something mystical for humans, even in our technological age. Pro wrestlers like Steve Austin know this instinctively.
Ian Williams