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NBA Finals

How LeBron James Rewrote History In The NBA Finals

Last year, LeBron James willed an undermanned Cavs team to two wins. This year, he helped his team past a historically great opponent. This is how history happens.
​Jared Dubin

Get Excited, Manchildren of the World: "Space Jam 2" is a Go

Space Jam 2 is going to be a movie, but it's still unclear if LeBron will star.
Sean Newell
Donald Trump

Tweetin' Sports with Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Donald Trump: tre-mendous, tre-mendous sports fan. And like most tre-mendous sports fans, shares his opinions on social media.
Sean Newell

LeBron Takes a Basketball to the Face While Not Looking

Hey, eyes up here!
Liam Daniel Pierce
lebron james

LeBron Caught a Fan Calling Him a Crybaby and She Nearly Jumped Out of Her Seat

Bold move to call LeBron a crybaby. Less bold to jump out of your seat in fright when he sees you.
Sean Newell

LeBron James Is Not Bored

Don't let the goofy new mustache and dad vibes fool you: LeBron James is playing with as much violence as ever, and doesn't care if it's just December.
John Wilmes
lebron james

LeBron James Sings "Purple Rain" Dressed as Prince

LeBron James put on a winning performance as Prince at the Cavaliers Halloween party.
Sean Newell
lebron james

LeBron James Plays "Faceketball" With Jimmy Fallon, is a Dirty Cheat

LeBron James and Jimmy Fallon played a made-up basketball game and LeBron cheated.
Sean Newell

Dwyane Wade's Calculated Career

Dwyane Wade will make the Hall of Fame because he's a great player. But, subtly and throughout his career, he has deftly and relentlessly shaped his circumstances.
Jonny Auping
Unfinished Business

Of Love and Obstacles: Is the Cavs Frontcourt too Big and too Crowded?

Kevin Love's return to Cleveland is good news on the surface. But he rejoins a front court that was already too crowded and slow to keep up with the Warriors without him.
Jack Ross
lebron james

LeBron James Opts Out of Contract with Cavaliers

LeBron James exercised his opt-out clause and will be a free agent. He is expected to re-sign with Cleveland, but who knows what will actually happen. There are a lot of teams with needs out there.
Sean Newell

Basketball to British Eyes is Inherently Flawed and Blessed

Basketball is difficult to watch and full of flaws, but its draft system makes it a sport far more associated with hope that football
Toby Sprigings