ryan lochte

Ryan Lochte's Gunpoint Robbery Story Seems Fishier by the Day

Nothing really adds up in this bizarre Ryan Lochte saga.
Sean Newell
joao havelange

Joao Havelange, The Man Who Created FIFA as We Know it, Dies Aged 100

Joao Havelange helped shaped FIFA into the money machine it now is.
Leander Schaerlaeckens
Rio 2016

Will Anybody Cheer for the Refugee Athletes at the Olympics?

This year, 10 athletes have competed in the Rio Olympics as part of a special refugee team. Before the Games, some of them wondered whether anyone would cheer them on.
Aimee Berg
rio de janeiro

Olympic Hospitality Houses Are a Place to Cry and Party During the Games

Olympic hospitality houses were originally intended to be a place for athletes and their families. Now, like with everything else Olympic related, they've become something completely different.
Aaron Gordon
dispatches from rio

Lost And Found At The Rio Olympics

Taking the special Olympic buses while the rest of Rio deals with horrible traffic made me feel awful, so I took public transportation the rest of the day. And I got extremely lost several times.
Aaron Gordon

A New Contender for "Dirtiest Race in History" at London 2012

In a sport plagued by doping scandals, the women’s 1500-meter final at the London Olympics stands out – and not for the right reasons.
Monica Prelle

Can Athletes Ever Really Come Back from Doping Bans?

The return of sprinters like Justin Gatlin, LaShawn Merritt, and Tyson Gay to the Olympics raises the question, once more, of whether an athlete who has been caught doping can ever be truly clean again.
Mary Pilon

Russia Will Hold its Own Track and Field Competition Following Rio Ban

Maybe a little competition is just what the IOC needs.
Aaron Gordon

We Will Get to See UFC-Bound Bilyal Makhov Compete at the Olympics After All

But, the IOC’s decision to not issue a blanket ban on all Russian athletes has not gone down well.
Jake Hughes
Rio 2016

IOC Will Not Issue Blanket Ban of Russian Athletes, Leaves Decision to Federations

The decision is not without its stipulations, as the committee has left international federations in charge of whether or not they choose to accept Russian athletes within their sports.
Liam Daniel Pierce
doping at the olympics

International Olympic Committee Reveals Another 45 Failed Drug Tests From Beijing and London Olympics

Prompted by recent revelations about doping, the IOC have undertaken a second wave of reanalysis for the 2008 and 2012 Games which has thrown up 45 additional failed tests.
UK Sports Staff
russian doping scandal

IOC Will Explore "Legal Options" For Russian Ban, Urges Federations to Avoid Holding Events in Russia

A pending case in the Court of Arbitration for Sport might be gumming up the works.
Sean Newell