lu-lu-lu-lukas podolski

In Celebration of Lukas Podolski, Germany Legend and Professional Enigma

Though Lukas Podolski seems like a fairly straightforward character, his career has been one of paradox and contrast. Here, we celebrate the mercurial talents of an enigmatic star.
Will Magee

Politics And Terror Could Hurt Turkish Football

Citing security threats and a fraught political situation, German clubs are no longer going to Turkey, their once-preferred winter training camp destination. Will a player exodus be next?
Brian Blickenstaff

The German Language of Fighting

In the Middle Ages, the German ‘Masters of Defence’ developed new approaches to swordsmanship and wrestling that culminated in the creation of a new language.
L.A. Jennings
san marino vs. thomas muller

Is There Any Developmental Value In Teams Like San Marino Playing World Cup Qualifiers?

With a tiff between Thomas Muller and San Marino currently making waves, it’s worth asking whether or not there’s any real value in international minnows playing teams like Germany.
Will Magee

Boxing Champion Facing Actual Prison Time for Doping Violation

In Germany, using PEDs is now a criminal offence. That could mean jail time for Felix Sturm, who has tested positive for the steroid stanozolol.
Josh Rosenblatt

Josh Barnett Will Be at Home in Hamburg

Josh Barnett will be donning the German colours for his clash with Andrei Arlovski in Hamburg this weekend, and he's sure that he can win over the crowd.
Peter Carroll
Rio 2016

Neymar Already Has a Rio 2016 Olympic Rings Tattoo

Not even Pele has the right to tat himself up with the five rings—all Neymar's.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Gypsy in the Ring: The Brave Life of Johann 'Rukeli' Trollmann

The story of the light-heavyweight boxing champ whose career was cut short by the Nazis.
Christina Newland
Euro 2016

Triumph, Beauty and Eternal Glory: Ranking The Best Teams at Euro 2016

In our final glance back at the tournament, we assess the sides who really lit up proceedings and attempt to rank them in arbitrary fashion.
Will Magee
reviewing the semi-finals

Ramsey, Ramsey, Wherefore Art Thou Ramsey: The Euro 2016 Review

The semi-finals of Euro 2016 are over, and only two teams remain. Here’s our penultimate review of the tournament, with a generous serving of Bale, Ronaldo and Griezmann.
Will Magee
Euro 2016

Tactical Tribulations in the Semi-Final: Previewing France vs. Germany

While Germany have significant tinkering to do ahead of the semis, France look to have found their momentum. The French have a woeful record against Die Mannschaft, however.
Jonathan Wilson
cruyff turns and shite penalties

Penalties, Punishments and The Acton Cruyff: The Euro 2016 Review

With the semi-finalists of Euro 2016 now decided, it’s time to look back on the last round. We’ve seen harsh punishments, awful penalties and a moment of sheer genius.
Will Magee