Dale Earnhardt Jr. to Miss Remainder of 2016 Season Due to Concussion Symptoms

NASCAR's most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., will miss the remainder of the 2016 Sprint Cup season as he continues to recover from concussion symptoms.
Jim Utter,

Retired Racing Driver Dario Franchitti Discusses Long-Term Damage Caused by Concussions

Scottish racing driver Dario Franchitti has talked about losing several weeks from his memory and how his first concussion permanently altered his personality.
Jim Weeks

WWE's Weirdly Flat Draft Was Haunted by the Past

WWE wanted to do a NFL-style draft to kick off its recent brand split. Smackdown and Raw got their wrestlers, but a looming lawsuit made it too NFL-like for comfort.
Ian Williams

In Action Sports, Helmets Are Only the Beginning of the CTE Conversation

The news that Dave Mirra had CTE should be a wakeup call for skaters, skiers, and bikers about the importance of concussion diagnosis and recovery.
Will Grant

Farewell to the Utterly Undeniable Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was an indie wrestling grinder who became a beloved WWE champion because of how uniquely talented he was. His career is over, but his legend is secure.
Ian Williams
paul o'connell

14 Years On From Paul O'Connell's Try-Scoring International Debut

Paul O'Connell clocked up 108 caps and some significant silverware for Ireland. 14 years ago, he began that journey with a debut try scored in the haze of concussion.
Nick Roberts

Carl Froch Wants Commissions to Enforce Age Limit on Professional Boxing

Carl Froch, who retired on his own terms last July at the age of 38, calls for rules to prevent other boxers from fighting well past their sell-by date.
Jake Hughes

Chinese Player Knocks Out Teammate with Bicycle Kicks to the Face

This is a scary injury from the Chinese Super League.
Sean Newell
Throwback Thursday

Chris Benoit And After

Eight years ago this week, Chris Benoit's horrific murder-suicide shocked the world. Nothing in wrestling, and sports in general, has been the same since.
Ian Williams

Are American Parents Growing Weary of Football?

Only four percent of American parents would suggest their kid take up football. Parents are six times more likely to prefer a relatively safer sport like soccer.
Smriti Sinha