racism in boxing

A History of Racial Epithets In Boxing

From the time of Jack Johnson all the way up to the nineties heyday of British boxing, race has been used to define fighters and ethnicity used to sell fights.
Will Magee

Lenny McLean vs. Roy Shaw: Battle of the Guv’nors

When two of London's hardest mob enforcers went to war in the brutal and dirty world of unlicensed boxing.
Alexander Reynolds

Controversial Decision Aside, Manny Pacquiao Looks Washed Up

Many feel that Manny Pacquiao did enough to beat new WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn in Brisbane this weekend, but the real story is that the Philippine senator is no longer among the sport’s elite.
Alex Raskin
conor benn

Conor Benn On The Future, His Ink and Growing Up With ‘The Dark Destroyer’

Ahead of his return to the ring on the undercard of Frank Buglioni vs. Ricky Summers, Conor Benn speaks to VICE Sports about the life of a fighter and being the son of a boxing icon.
Will Magee
the rumble in the jungle

How Muhammad Ali Stunned the World at the Rumble in the Jungle

The Rumble in the Jungle was a fight of such significance that it transcended boxing, perhaps even sport as a whole, to become a moment of 20th century history. This is how it happened.
Jim Weeks

Dale Youth ABC: The Boxing Gym on the First Floor of Grenfell Tower

Lost to the flames of Grenfell Tower, the Dale Youth Boxing Club vows to box on.
Alexander Reynolds

Mayweather and McGregor Are Better Promoters, but GGG and Canelo Are Selling a Superior Fight

Gennady Golovkin and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez are all set for the fight of the year on 16 September. The problem is, their superbout could be affected by a Mayweather vs. McGregor hangover.
Alex Raskin

I Kicked My Drug Addiction During a Pro Boxing Bout in Tijuana

LA-based professional boxer Zac "Kid Yamaka" Wohlman writes about the time he got sober in the ring.
Zachary Wohlman

How to Stop Loathing and Start Loving Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

Surrender. Turn off your brain. Go all in.
Jeff Harder

The Dark Past of Britain's Bareknuckle Boxing Champion

Talking nights out and knockouts with Decca Heggie, aka 'The Guv'nor', the mallet-fisted fighter who thinks bareknuckle could be bigger than the UFC.
Charlie Gilmour

We Spent a Week in Tokyo's Fight Scene

A good man jobbed, tears in Korakuen Hall, and why being big in Japan can be a big problem for boxers.
Gabe Oppenheim

The Genius of Roger Moore's On-Screen Combat Scenes

From The Saint to the James Bond franchise, the late Sir Roger Moore knew how to make the best of his moderate martial arts abilities. He also wrote extensively about self-defence for a children's book in 1966.
Sarah Kurchak